Prototypes - Low Volume & Pre-Production

Supporting your product development programmes. Quality bespoke components.

PTL have developed an extensive range of specialist UK and Global contacts, providing high quality engineering services. Working alongside these suppliers using the lastest technologies, we can support you by sourcing and supplying a diverse range of products and processes that include:-

Single Cylinder Research Engines

PTL have particular experience in the design, development, assembly and supply of diesel & gasoline single cylinder research engines. This particular expertise developed over many years ensures we have the key suppliers and specific processes available, to supply test engines with production-like features.

Machined Components & Assembly

High precision components, of prismatic, cylindrical or more complex shapes manufactured by CNC or other specialist machining processes. Additional in-process operations available can include various heat treatment, surface treatment, and Non Distructive Testing. Final or sub-assembly of engines and machines supplied by PTL or free issued can be provided to suit your project requirements.


PTL have long standing relationships with world leading foundries to supply raw castings and fully machined components. Cylinder heads, blocks and other non-automotive cast products, are available from aluminium alloy, cast iron, steel and yellow metals (brass, bronze ad other copper based alloys). PTL provide design, analysis and engineering support in combination with the foundry to deliver high quality products.

Engine Components

PTL have vast experience designing and developing engines, working alongside specialist machinists manufacturing the principal engine drivetrain components. Our extensive knowledge of the final product requirements combined with specific machining expertise, ensure parts are manufactured and supplied to the most exacting standards.

Electrical Machines

We have been involved in the design, development, manufacture and prototyping of electrical components and machines. Our excellent suppliers provide the highest quality products and services for electrical laminations, motor winding, full assembly and testing of electric motors and machines.

Fibreglass / GRP Components

Prototyping and low volume supply of complex parts, ranging from small individual components to large scale structures. Adaptable to your specific requirements, items can be supplied in a variety of colours, thicknesses and finishes. The service includes product design review, production of pattern tooling, reverse moulding and final production of your components.

Additive Manufacturing / Rapid Prototyping

Working with the industry leaders, PTL can provide rapid prototyping of components using the latest materials and technologies from this constantly evolving sector. Processes include stereolithography, selective laser sintering, 3D and metal printing. Development samples to production parts can be supplied in short lead times for exceptional value.

Vehicle Components - Engines, Assemblies and Standard Parts

Automotive and commercial products. Single source supplier for vehicle projects.

We have vast experience in supplying unusual and difficult to obtain complete engines, major engine components and standard vehicle parts for most major manufacturers. From a single part to a complete BOM, using our global network of specialist parts suppliers, we can provide new stock items and high quality, low mileage used vehicle components.

Vehicles - Passenger & Commercial

Sourcing of new and used vehicles. Supplied worldwide for testing & benchmarking.

We offer a turn-key service to match our client’s individual vehicle requirements, handling the entire process on their behalf. This can include assistance with the specification options, locating suitable vehicles, final purchase, safe preparation for transit, plus the final transportation by land, air or sea. Your vehicle will be delivered direct to your desired global location.

Global Suppliers - Recommendation & Evaluation

Access to an unusually broad range of OEM & Tier 1 & 2 global contacts.

PTL have developed an extensive contacts database around the world, whilst collaborating on successful projects over the years. Combined with our expert engineering team, we offer a range of supplier services for new projects. Global sourcing support can be provided on many levels, ranging from supplier recommendation & evaluation for critical components, to cost reduction studies and BOM control.

Inspection Services - Contact & Optical Measurement

Independent product verification. Inspection data & reverse engineering.

Working in collaboration with specialists, PTL can supply independent inspection reports for components and sub-assemblies, detailing critical dimensions and geometric tolerances. Parts can be measured by CMM or with portable inspection arm equipment, providing the option for inspection of larger components at alternative UK locations if required.

Non-contact optical measurement for larger complex profiles, structures and vehicle body architecture, can also be used to generate inspection results or as part of a reverse engineering service. PTL’s design and analysis team can provide further assistance, manipulating the raw data and 3D model output to suit your product development requirements. This mobile service is also available throughout the UK.

Machine Preparation - Vehicle, Engine & Test Rigs

Product development facilities. Integration, final assembly and testing.

PTL have a long standing relationship with an independent local specialist, working together on a wide variety of bespoke projects. Their premises act as an additional PTL facility to prepare and develop vehicles, machines, engines and test rigs.

Our partnership provides us with the capability to supply complete strip downs, overhaul, assembly and prototype testing. They offer vast experience in high performance engines and the preparation of motorsport race cars.

Logistics - Transportation to Global Destinations

Co-ordination and delivery of PTL Projects. Machinery, vehicles & components.

No matter what size, combined with our experienced logistics partners, PTL have been delivering engineering hardware to global destinations for over 15 years. We can organise every aspect of the final transportation to any International location.

Vehicles and engines require special preparation, to ensure that they are suitable for final transit. Fuels and lubricants are drained, engines cleaned and sealed for safe shipment. Vehicles are sent palletised or container loaded for dedicated Air and Sea freight. Individual engines are mounted to transport frames and loaded into bespoke wooden packing crates.

Specialist Transport Options – Tailored to you

We have previously co-ordinated temporary import of a prototype vehicle, for multiple demonstrations at client test tracks around Europe. Air freighted to the UK, the car was safely delivered to each of the various locations by a dedicated car transporter during the two week journey. Upon completion of the project, the car was returned by sea freight to our client. All elements of the logistics were arranged by PTL. Transportation services can be fully customised to your requirements.