Cost Reduction

Fully Independent product design reviews to optimize component functionality, integrity and cost.

Control of product cost is a key requirement at both low and high volume production. PTL will routinely assess designs from the point of view of cost reduction, taking into account materials, manufacturing processes and assembly methods, while ensuring that the part functional and quality requirements are achieved. Working with emerging technologies and materials alongside industry leading suppliers, PTL ensure overall product costs are evaluated to take account of the latest engineering developments.

Failure Investigation

Objective assessment of product failure, to provide a structured approach to the design solutions.

Unexpected behaviour and unwanted failures can occur at any time during product development or in the field. PTL can provide the rapid response required to minimise the effect of such failures. Our extensive experience in product design, together with our network of specialists and analysis laboratories allows us to provide an objective assessment of the failure and a methodical approach to the solution.

PTL will normally adopt a 7 step approach to problem solving, either in its entirety, or by contributing to certain steps as required. A typical full process would involve the following:

  • Identify the problem
  • Determine possible causes and rank their importance
  • Take short term action, if required
  • Gather data and design test of causes to quantify their contribution
  • Conduct test, analyse data and select solution
  • Plan and implement permanent solution, failsafe where possible
  • Measure and evaluate for continuous improvement