Basic system specification, full multiphysics modelling and testing

Together with our partners SwRI, we are able to offer a range of services including:

  • Lubricant system design and specification
  • System modelling and hydro-mechanical analysis
  • System testing and benchmarking
  • Lubricant sampling and analysis
  • Wear monitoring (periodic measurements or real-time measurement)

Hydraulic and Pneumatic

Hydraulic and pneumatic system design and analysis

Our years of experience in modelling multiphysics systems has seen us working on a range of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. The operation of these systems is highly dependent on the ability to model and correctly predict the interactions within a given system. Our knowledge and services include:

  • Dynamic modelling of hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Electrical (active) actuation and control
  • Specification and sizing of individual components
  • Quantification of clearance and tolerance effects
  • Integration of hydraulic and pneumatic subsystems within broader mechanical models
  • Testing and benchmarking of systems and components

Heating and Cooling

System specification, design, simulation, procurement

PTL is routinely involved in the specification and design of cooling circuits for engines and other machinery. These often involve the creation of simulation model of the whole circuit, including pump, actively controlled thermostats, radiators and heat exchangers and confirming correct operation over a range of temperatures, pressures & flow rates. These activities are quite key, as the size of the various system components impacts:

  • Vehicle packaging
  • Engine warm up time and parasitic losses
  • Transient and steady state temperatures

Our software can model and track the heat originated in the combustion chamber, moving through the engine structure into the cooling circuit and eventually into the vehicle air under the bonnet (hood) through the vehicle radiator.

This type of analysis is not only confined to vehicles and internal combustion engines. It can also be applied to other machinery and systems, including Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units and their interaction with buildings

When complicated fluid and heating flows need to be evaluated, including their effects on heat transfer and temperatures in the structure, 3D analysis tools, like FEA and CFD software can be brought in support.


Combined Heat and Power

Simulation, sizing, operation

PTL are experienced in the design and modelling of complex electro mechanical devices as found in small combined heat and power plants (mCHP) and hybrid electric drives.

PTL offerings include:

  • System and component specification
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Assembly and build of prototype systems
  • Testing and certification
  • Problem solving and rectification

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