About us

Expertise applied

PTL are an experienced, multi-disciplined and creative team, highly skilled in design, analysis, development and procurement of turn-key machinery projects. As independent engineering consultants we combine our extensive experience of materials, manufacturing and production techniques with a proven track record of innovation. From concept evaluation to high volume production release, we provide a creative approach to product design based on state-of-the-art multi-physics analysis tools. Our technical expertise and simultaneous engineering processes developed over many years working with engine and vehicle engineering, transfer directly to other industry sectors. With our strong belief in forming close working relationships with our clients and suppliers, we work together with common goals, to deliver design solutions for unique projects. Throughout our history, we have looked to build key technical partnerships with world leading organisations, to complement our existing capabilities. These collaborations, which continue today, have placed PTL at the heart of many successful global projects.

Company History

About-Us The team at Powertrain Technology has been together since 1992 when John McClelland and Jean-Pierre Pirault founded Sirius Engineering Ltd; The company was immediately acquired by AVL List GmbH and renamed AVL Powertrain Engineering Ltd. It was AVL’s first overseas engineering facility and delivered powertrains for cars, trucks and motorcycles, many of which remain in production. The AVL single cylinder research engines were also designed in our offices and produced for engine laboratories and universities. In 1999 AVL moved their UK engineering operations to the midlands and the bulk of the team remained in the Shoreham premises, forming Powertrain Technology Ltd (PTL). In the same year PTL partnered with Lotus Engineering, undertaking the concept and production design of a family of engines for passenger cars. On successful completion of this 3 year project with Lotus and its client, a long term partnering agreement, which continues today, was made with Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), Texas .